Time of the Giants

"Een boek dat diep kerft in de volksziel." (Pascal Verbeken in Wilfried, 15/10/2020)

"Although the giants are not gifted with the power of speech, one can hear their mocking laughter in front of all the novelties. In this sense, the processions of giants are also a form of resistance. Their old Fellinian heads command respect. Even their shadows crush the spectators." (Pascal Verbeken)

Time of the Giants in BRUZZ (Heleen Rodiers)!

graphic design: Grégoire Romefort

lithography: Olivier Dengis

accompanying text (NL/FR): Pascal Verbeken

printed by Antilope De Bie (Duffel, Belgium)

published by Cape of Good Hope (Brussels, 2020)

ISBN: 9789082399226

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